Adidas Рама для Приседаний Cage ADBE-10270 - GAPONEZ в Екатеринбурге
Код: ADBE-10270

Adidas Рама для Приседаний Cage ADBE-10270

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Adidas Рама для Приседаний Cage ADBE-10270
Спортивный Тренажер


  • Удобная и надежная рама для приседаний со штангой с возможностью регулирования высоты.
  • Максимальная нагрузка - 300 кг.

# ADBE-10270

Adidas Cage ADBE-10270


  • Multi position pull up handles
  • Olympic plate storage
  • Commercial bar catches
  • 2" thick foam bench pad
  • Adjustable bench angle
  • Total leg developer
  • Max user weight 135kg

A squat rack, Chest press, Shoulder press unit, Pull up station, weights storage and a fully adjustable incline/decline bench unit incorporating a total leg developer for quadriceps and hamstring work.
The cage is so solid that it almost encourages you to work harder, no matter how much weight you lift or how many bodyweight moves you want to fit in to your workout of the day, the Cage is ready for you.

The pull up handle alone offers you the chance to perform two of the best exercises known to man.
Grab the handle and pull up for awesome arms and shoulders then hang tough whilst lifting your legs in front of you for VKR (Vertical Knee Raise) or the even tougher Straight Leg Lift.

As a guy who is spoilt for choice when it comes to equipment, I think that the Cage plus Bench has to be the best foundation you can get for any home gym no matter what your fitness level or goals are; this kit is going to offer you endless training options for years to come.

We think the Cage is going to set the benchmark for home equipment, every piece of design adds to the practicality and performance of the product – a truly exceptional piece of equipment for your home.

# ADBE-10270

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Adidas Рама для Приседаний Cage ADBE-10270
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